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Official UK Distributor

UK's first Highly developed Hydrographic Tank

Fully tested with a 2 Year Warranty on all Hydrographic Tanks

CarbonDipz - UK Hydrographics Suppliers

Hi and welcome to Carbondipz. We are the UK's first Highly developed Hydrographic Tank Distributors.

We aim to maintain and provide you with the latest designs on Hydro Tanks on today's Market.

Manufactured with high quality stainless steel by our finest welders. Our tanks are for the professional users who aim to provide a professional service to the customers and look the part.

Designed to the highest quality our tanks can now hold high levels of water without any signs of strain, as you most probably know from previous tanks the walls tend to bow slightly causing problems.

 Our tanks come in two phase,  3 Phase 415 volts 9kw heater element & Single Phase 220-240 volts 3kw heater element. 

We have also provided a thermostat in the dipping area to monitor water temperature and a filtering basket to catch waste after dipping. 

And last but not least a Pump to circulate warm water to dipping area as and when needed.  

If you would also like us to custom build a tank to suit your needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.   

Our tanks are fully tested & CE Approved because of this we also give a 3 year warranty on Tank only. 

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Thank you and welcome to Carbondipz. We are the UK's first Highly developed Hydro graphic Tank Distributors We pr…
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